The June iOS update broke my phone


After the June update, I haven't been able to receive voicemail notifications. Not only is visual voicemail broken, I don't get any notification that I receive a voicemail at all. The voicemail app crashes a second after I click to open it. I spent hours on the phone with Verizon customer service already.

I have to manually call my voicemail after every missed call to see if a message has been left. Now all of a sudden, my box gets maxed out at 20 voicemails and people are unable to leave me one since the overflow is no longer sent to archive automatically. So I have no clue who I'm missing calls from. I'm starting to get in trouble with my command (as I'm Active Duty) since they think I'm being difficult being contacted on purpose since this has been going on so long.

I attempted to install YouMail, but it doesn't work to get voicemails either. It has an error in that the LTE is perpetually offline. I'm able to use my phone perfectly except for the voicemails. And my mobile data is on but this app shows that my LTE network is disconnected. So maybe this is the issue???

The best I've read from other forums is that I need to either switch carriers or get a new phone. I don't have money for a new phone, and I really would like to stick with Verizon. But I'm getting desperate. ANYTHING THAT MAY ACTUALLY HELP SALVAGE MY PHONE???

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