We currently have two Samsung Note 5's, and wanted to upgrade both phones to Note 8's under your buy one get one free offer. Is that possible.

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This is a customer to customer forum not customer service but to answer your question BOGO offers require a new line of service. Verizon isn't going to give out $900 phones for free.

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yes, it's a new contract & doesn't matter what phones you currently have!!

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No.  The Verizon BOGO offer requires that at least one of the phone purchases be on a new line.

You can however save just as much by purchasing the phones directly from Samsung with Verizon device payment agreements right now.

Buy Galaxy Note8: Price From $38.75/Month | Samsung US

Samsung is offering an instant $310 off on a Note 8 purchased with a Verizon device payment agreement.  You can get an additional $100 off by trading in your Note 5.  So if you purchased 2 from Samsung and traded in both Note 5 phones you would save $820 without adding a new line or waiting on Verizon bill credits.  The Verizon BOGO offer is capped at $799 and is applied in 24 monthly credits.


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