Daydream VR promotion redeem code


Got my Daydream through a promotion in mid October for my LG V30 Saturday.  Got it setup and activated, BUT called Verizon, spent 30+ minutes on chat and she gave me a # to call ( which was bogus # something about a trip), so I called the 800 #.  She was of no help to where to contact for the redemption code for the free bundle.  Got a number to talk to someone from Google and he said they'd email the code within 48 hours...been way past.  HAS ANYONE ELSE RECEIVED THEIR DAYDREAM VR FROM THE PROMOTION AND RECEIVED THE BUNDLE CODE?  Because VERIZON was of zero help and an loss of 2 hrs of calls/chats.  If you did get yours registered, have you received the redeem code?  Gracias.

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