Internet is not available when I am on a call and drop calls/no internet service at least 10 times a day

Hi  I have a two part question:

I don't understand why my internet service is not available whenever I am on the phone?  It is very inconvenient not being able to look up something while on the phone so I can answer some question immediately.  Instead, I had to hang up and look up the information then call the person back.

Hope there is a solution for this problem.

My second issue is dropped  call and no signal.  This happen many times a day and at various locations: Pittsburgh, Reno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, often time it will be no service or 1X and even if there is 3G or 4G the bar is either 1 or 2 which I couldn't call nor use the internet.

I had tried to work with your technician for many times and even switched a phone but still no luck.

Could anyone else possibly have the similar issue or solution to my problems?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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