Re: Wifi Calling?


Well that's unfortunate Smiley Sad As far as my zip it's 01071 and pretty much like I said when I'm at home I can typically hear the other person ok but they tend to complain that I'm cutting out when I talk. Calls don't actually fully drop or anything it's just the issue of cutting out. I'm fairly certain the problem isn't on their end as it's multiple people that have told me I'm cutting out and the issues crops up even when talking to people who are on landlines. Nor do I think it's an issue with the actual microphone being defective in the new phone or something along those lines as I've gotten no such complaints about cutting out when I'm making calls while out running errands etc. 

Leads me to believe it's just due to poor signal strength in the area. As I mentioned before signal levels inside the house typically hovers around -120dBm and even going outside the house offers only a slight improvement of maybe 5dBm.