ZTE Axon 7


Hey Verizon people..whoever you are...I need a straight answer to my question ASAP.

My contract ends on 9/1/16 a mere 23 days from now.

I have the new ZTE Axon 7 and I am keeping it! Best phone money can buy at any price! Highly recommend it!

I would rather stay on Verizon for several reasons even though your pre-paid plans cost more! Go figure!

However, I need this phone to work just as good as my current unlocked Moto X Pure does on your network!

When I put the activated SIM in the phone the Axon 7 "works" but it is constantly roaming.

I have talked on the phone, and chatted, and even went into one of your stores, and everyone of your technicians says the same thing, namely, that you Verizon must allow these phones onto your network by adding the IEMI numbers of these phones into your database.

So then, are you going to do this or not?

If you make me wait until the last minute, I will be leaving after many long years as a paying customer.

AT&T and/or Cricket is calling my name!

The ZTE Axon 7 works great with them and they are cheaper by $5.00 or $10.00 per month respectively!

So will someone with some authority please reply to this question with something substantial?

I have asked this same question on the ZTE forum, as well as other forums that are popular, and the response from all is that it's up to you Verizon.


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