Re: Don't buy Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector!

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Verizon is not being paid to "push their products".... The reps at the store do get commission, naturally-- and the Zagg protectors are more expensive than others but not by a lot so not sure if this would have any impact.

Overall the Zagg protectors seem to have fairly good reviews though with these "curved" screens the reviews/ratings are lower as they don't seem to adhere as well to the screen. This is because they are NOT plastic and are very thin tempered glass. Generally if the tempered glass "cracked" it was because it sustained some type of impact and is doing exactly what it was designed to do, and that is to take the brunt of the impact and damage as opposed to the screen. I would rather replace a screen protector than a screen or a phone, as would most.....

You state "I should have known that it was a rip off, but I hadn't done any research before hand."  I would recommend doing some research on tempered glass screen protectors and look into how these are designed, and supposed to crack rather than your screen-- whether you purchase one from Zagg or another manufacturer. They are more expensive, but that is so you don't have to shell out another $30-$50 on another which might be worth it to you or not (but this would be something else entirely, separate from the issues you brought up).