Re: Droid Maxx touchscreen not responding when placed in Otterbox case, help?


I received my replacement phone from Assurion. I placed it in my old Otterbox, & I noticed it being difficult to use. I took it out of the Otterbox thinking the case must have damaged in some way. Went to Verizon store & bought new Otterbox case, same thing happening. I have been able to pull down my notifications bar 1 time with the case on, can pull down no problem when I remove case. Scrolling through Facebook, or side to side on home screens, or any where else is frustrating because where ever my finger touches, that opens. Both with the case on & off.  I couldn't take a picture with the case on , until I discovered that I have to swipe sideways (don't like). Trying to scroll, & have random apps, contacts, photos, whatever open & it not scrolling or it speed scrolls through large amounts is beyond frustrating. I have tried changing my settings etc. it's a tiny bit better, but not much. Very, very annoying. I am a clumsy artist that needs the Otterbox. My old old phone I fully submerged it in a 5 gallon bucket of paint & dropped it not once but TWICE off three tiers of scaffolding(about 20' drop) straight onto bare concrete slab. It was fine every time. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks for contacting me.


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