Re: what's up with 4g lte service in north charlotte nc?


Marquia_VZW: While your desire to help is certainly appreciated, I must say that this type of scripted solution only serves to discourage current and future customers.  Mclean1 is a regular on this forum and has clearly been receiving 4G service for many years at the same location.  Now, all of a sudden, he is supposed to switch to 3G?  Wouldn't it be more helpful to open a ticket so that someone can investigate what is clearly a tower issue?

Are you also saying that Verizon customers can expect slower than 5 Mbps during heavy traffic times?  How low should we expect this to go?  3 Mbps?  1 Mbps?  56 Kbps?

Again, I appreciate your willingness to help.  Your answers to the above questions would further help clarify things.  Gracias.