Re: San Francisco LTE Awful at Market & Fremont


Looks like their problem is just bandwidth with this area. Look how slow it gets once everyone starts getting to work.  For being such a popular area, you would think they would have addressed it a long time ago.  It is unusable and the constant struggle to use the network just drains the battery. 

Here are my test results:


7:30 AM 10/2  - 50ms ping,  9.74 down, 6.59 up

8:00 AM 10/2  - 48ms ping,  7.25 down, 3.16 up

8:30 AM 10/2  - 65ms ping,  1.54 down, 0.09 up

9:00 AM 10/2  - 129ms ping, 0.90 down, 0.01 up

9:30 AM 10/2  - 696ms ping, 0.39 down, 0.00 up

10:00 AM 10/2 - 298ms ping, 0.26 down, 0.00 up

After I turn off my 4G LTE and go back down to 3G:

10:00 AM 10/2 - 65ms ping,0.17 down, .013 up

*This is on par with my 3G service I received on my iPhone 4, barely mediocre at best, but at least it was steady.

I can only imagine as all of their 4/4S customers start receiving their 5S phones through October and November, there is going to be more issues and more impact.