Re: Northern California 4G signal WEAK!!! Speeds horrific


The browser is slow.  Apps are slow.  Everything slows to a

crawl and/or comes to a screeching halt between mid day and late

night.  This is RIDICULOUS.  I couldn't even respond to this

email from my phone because it couldn't keep enough connection to send the

bloody message.

I have been getting network connection errors

as well.  

And no, this does not happen on Wi-Fi.

The end result is that my phone is constantly locking up AND my

battery life is cut in half as the bloody thing is constantly trying to


What really torques me is that I can't use

it as A PHONE or TEXTING because of network connectivity.  This never

happened on my last HTC Incredible.  Is there a way to turn off the

4G so I can use a more reliable network?

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