Re: Slow LTE speeds in NYC - 7th Ave / 37th St


This has been a problem for several months now.  For a long time, I thought Verizon was the most reliable carrier, especially after switching from AT&T, but now I'm back to the same problems I had with AT&T!  Every webpage and every web-based app takes forever to establish a connection, if at all, and my text messages and MMS are consistently failing.  I just can't continue paying so much money per month when I can't even use my phone in the manner of its intended use.  In terms of the phone service, I use my phone for calls very infrequently, however I did have a call drop on me last week while I was on a long hold with customer service, which was highly inconvenient.  To my knowledge, no ticket has been submitted thusfar with respect to my issues, since the last time I called Verizon support the agent was able to reboot my carrier settings from her end and my ability to connection to the network appeared fixed at the time but resorted to being troublesome very shortly thereafter.  I would appreciate if you could escalate this issue because, at this point, my inclination is to go with another carrier and fight the ETF since I cannot be held responsible for VZ's failure to provide the service I am paying for.

Also, to answer your questions regarding my troubleshooting steps, as I mentioned I have contacted VZ support to resolve any issues with my carrier settings, I have tried rebooting my phone when the issues occur, I have tried reinstalling my phone's OS to ensure that was not the problem, etc.  Nothing has improved matters.