Re: Slow LTE speeds in NYC - 7th Ave / 37th St


Throwing another log on this fire. I was a former Cingular customer who watched the AT&T network crash and burn in NYC after the release of the iPhone 3G. After a couple of *years* of waiting for them to fix things, I gave up and paid the out-of-contract fee (I was silly enough to have purchased the iPhone 4 only a couple of months prior) and bring my business to Verizon.

I am now at my wit's end, I work in Midtown and my phone is my lifeline to the outside world. Current Verizon Android handsets won't even let you force the phone over to 3G, leaving me stuck on useless LTE service all day long. This is indoors, outdoors, underground, above ground, and just about anywhere on the island of Manhattan.

Worse yet - where I frequently vacation (which only has VZ and AT&T coverage, which is more/less the whole reason I've stayed with VZ) gets oversubscribed during popular times and it, too, has useless service. (It's still a 3G only market, too).

I'm prepared to take my 3 lines of service to t-mobile. At least I know what I'm getting into - yes, they have less coverage, but where they do have coverage it works - and where they don't have coverage you can call and text over wifi. Yes - CALL AND TEXT!

The pure irony is that my work-provided AT&T blackberry performs decently. I can sustain several hundred kilobits/sec now in Midtown on AT&T's HSPA+ network. Kinda wish I never paid to leave..