Re: Slow LTE speeds in NYC - 7th Ave / 37th St


I work in the Rockefeller Center area and barely can connect to any servers because it is so slow the connection times out.  My facebook app says "No Connection" my browser says "Can not find server"   etc.  Speed test when it does connect says avg 20 KB/s that's crazy slow.   Pandora has to buffer mid song, I mean these are 1 MB low quality mp3's.

This all really started in April 2012, before then I had great service on my Rezound.  My coworker even switched becuase of my teasing about how much better my service was, he has since switch back to Tmobile as after a month on Verizon it went south and he was able to cancel but I was stuck.  My coworker and I had both called VZW support and were both told the same, "If you work in a Brick, Steel, and or Glass Building, those materials interfere with the signal"  we both walk to the VZ store on 44th and Madison, were we proceeded to do a speed test inside the VZW corporate store and it showed less than dial up speed performance.  We were told that was normal in the store because they are in a poor signal zone.  I feel like I'm being extorted to fulfill a service contract because VZW can mess my credit up and there is little I can do about it. Since my credit score is more important than $30/month and mobile internet I'm screwed.  I will most likely go to a dumb phone when my contract is up, and just get a prepaid 3G router to use with my tablet for mobile internet.  VZW is ripping alot of people off.