Winegard Gateway GW-1000/Air 360+


I purchased a new RV this week with a Winegard 360+ roof mounted antenna system, and a GW-1000 gateway on the interior. This gateway is simply a hotspot, wired with an external antenna to pick up signal. It supports a standard SIM card and is compatible with Verizon, ATT, and Winegard pre-paid. 

I have read, in these forums, my exact problem, and they are internal to Verizon's poor support. Customers do eventually get resolved, but not without hours of frustration and misdirection:

Here's what I need:  Verizon to competently add a data line to my account, correctly and completely code a sim card for my device, and get it to me in the next 24 hours. Too much to ask? I am willing to go to a store to pick up the SIM.

Here's what I want: Verizon to update their documentation and instructions to representatives about Winegard devices so they can support the tens of thousands of RV customers in the US. 

I have lost at least 7 hours going down blind alleys with various tiers of Verizon support/Verizon stores. Numerous attempts to get a SIM from Verizon have failed, as the IMEI is not associated in their system with this device. After spending an incredible amount of time on this (longer than it took to purchase and equip the RV) I am frustrated beyond words. The misdirection is astounding; I've heard "Oh it's a business device" "Oh it's a hotspot, you have to buy this from verizon" "We don't support this device" Please get this right.