Re: 4G LTE Speed Issues


Zip code is 63755. I'm using an iPhone 7 Plus. This is the only phone from my plan in this location.

I can provide some additional information since I opened this thread. As stated above, I'm a Network Engineer for another telcom company. My company provides "last mile" fiber services for some Verizon towers in my area. I was in a hut at one of these towers doing some maintenance on the night of the 13th and did some testing. I was receiving around 30x30 meg. Mostly all of my problems were gone at that time.

Since then, I've went into my phone and "reset network connections" option and saw a small gain in speed but since has went back to the same normal speeds. I'm unable to stream videos on Facebook and it takes forever to load pictures in Facebook and Snapchat. Youtube is hit or miss. Sometimes it streams just okay (assuming they are low quality videos). Last night I streamed some "low quality" video on Netflix and didn't have any issues.

Seems to be a speed issue for sure. My question is why it just all of a sudden happen? About 3 weeks ago I was getting amazing speeds and never had issues streaming video or loading things. I had AT&T previously and swapped to Verizon specifically because of the amazing quality of the connection at my home.