Re: Waiving ETF with bad reception


So I decided I'm not going to let this go.  I have been calling once a week then this week someone finally decided to do something.  Techs came out and claimed "the area is a known trouble area with weak service.  More towers are planned".  I asked when and they said they have no clue.  Could be years.  I complained that I have been paying them money and they are not providing a service in return, and that I see this as then stealing from me.  They said that because the outdoor service is passable they can't waive the ETF.  I told them there were two routes:

1.  You waive the ETF, I move to ATT, and I leave the other 3 lines on my Verizon account since they're relatively happy with the service.

2.  You don't waive the ETF, I pay the $300 (or whatever it is), then once the other 3 lines are done with their contracts, I pull them all on to my ATT plan out of spite.  In addition, I will pay my friends' ETFs so you lose them too.  I have the disposable income, I just felt it was wrong to not care about your customers.

So the choice was lose one customer and $300, or four+ customers because you won't waive the $300.  They got a manager on and within 5 minutes the ETF was waived.  In all, this took 7 calls.  They should have just done this from the first call.  I'm happy with ATT now, my family is happy with Verizon and I didn't have to pay the ETF.  Persistence has paid off.  I still think it's lame it took this long though.

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