Re: Waiving ETF with bad reception


In response to Snn5, I have not had any luck, but I've only called one more time as I was out of town for most of the past week.

In response to rcschnoor, it's definitely about placement.  The other companies have directed their signals better.  When we first moved to this building, only the Sprint folks here had good service.  The two people who have ATT complained to ATT and ATT fixed the service here within a week.  That's why they can all get 4G.  I didn't move to this building until a couple years ago and had decent service where I was before for the many years prior.  You are correct that no provider has the best signal everywhere, but at least the other folks are getting signal.  I can barely get anything.  And after multiple calls it still seems Verizon doesn't care.

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