Waiving ETF with bad reception


I've called Verizon a couple times about bad reception and they don't seem to care at all.  They've said that most likely nothing will be done which is a big 'screw you' from my perception.  Reception is okay outside, but in my office it's horrible.  So clearly it's possible to have decent service here, they are choosing not to help.  It's not just the building attneuation because the other people with ATT, Sprint, and TMob have great service in here.  And I live in a major market (Los Angeles).  I've heard that there are ways to get out of a contract (18 months left) without paying an ETF if there is bad reception is your area.  Is there a specific route for this that I should take?  Me, and everyone here that has Verizon, are interested.  Desde ya, muchas gracias por la ayuda.

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