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Besides having a new best friend, adopting a cat can also be beneficial.

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If you own a cat, than your life is pretty close to being purrrrrfect! If you don't, then now is the best time to find your new best friend because June is adopt-a-cat month. With that being said, there are a lot of cats in shelters all around the country that would love to have a forever home. Unfortunately, many of them will never get the chance to find one. Therefore, I have decided to promote cat adoptions by listing ten benefits that come along with having one! With any luck, this post might inspire someone to adopt a cat or at least consider it in the future. If you already adopted a cat or just own one, please feel free to share your own list of benefits that come along with having cats. Or let me know if you can agree with any of the benefits I have listed below! Cat owners unite! 

  1. A cat’s purr can be the most relaxing thing to hear after a stressful day.
  2. Cats will sleep anywhere and everywhere. No fancy beds required!
  3. There's no bigger honor then when cat falls asleep on you. They have determined that you are comfy enough and trust worthy enough for a snooze.
  4. Toys? There's no need to buy them. Cats find enjoyment in the smaller things in life like hair ties, cardboard boxes, or walking across your keyboard when you're trying to work.
  5. With the ability to clean their own fur, there is no need to ever book an appointment with a groomer!
  6. Your yard will be free of pet waste because cats use a liter box.
  7. Never lose your important papers again! Just look for your cat because chances are that your cat will be sitting on them.
  8. You will add more color to your wardrobe because black doesn’t look good when it's covered with cat fur!
  9. Have I mentioned how adorable cats are? From their little noses to their "toe beans", cats are the definition of cute. Having something so cute in your life will make you a happier person!
  10. By adopting a cat, you can help reduce the large number of cats that are euthanized every year due to overcrowding in shelters. That makes you a hero!

cat.jpgThis is my cat, Kitten, keeping me company while I brush my teeth.

Don’t be shy meow! Please share some stories of your favorite frisky feline with us in the comments section below!


What a nice cat you got there!