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Is there a way to transfer EVERYTHING from one Fathom to another?

I need an easy way to transfer all of my programs and settings from one Fathom to another.  Basically, my current phone's screen is having problems so I got a certified replacement one.  Now I would like to be able to do a sort of system image of the old phone and put it onto the new phone. I have alot of different apps on the phone and I would rather not have to go through the process of installing each one and configuring it (assuming I can even find some of them now that the Windows Marketplace has closed down).

There is lots of documentation on how to backup and restore contacts, but I haven't found anything useful on doing a complete system transfer.

Anyone got a way?

thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Is there a way to transfer EVERYTHING from one Fathom to another?
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Thanks so much for your inquiry!
It's nice to get a replacement device, but it isn't so nice to try to set the phone up to your liking again!
The only thing I can think of in order to get a majority of your items back on your device is Active Sync.
http://search.verizonwireless.com/?market=26167&q=active sync fathom&p=null&ss=null&b2eFlag=N

I hope that will get you on the right track.

Tamara H.
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