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Battery dies with almost no warning...OS problem?


I've had this 822 for over a year now, with 2 (free) replaced batteries in that time (would just stop charging completely, cycling through a black screen with a question mark, the nokia screen, and then blackness, over and over, and then overheating.)

A few months ago, I decided to back myself up by getting a second battery, and since then, BOTH batteries haven't had this problem yet, although sometimes I have a hard time getting the phone to connect to the cable through my computer.. it just connects-disconnects-connects-disconnects over and over again, and loudly.  If I plug it into my desktop at work, no problems, and if I plug it into the wall, no problems. This is not the main problem.

The problem is, once I get a full charge, and start using it, it'll start draining fairly normally... and once it hits around 60%, it gives me the warning that my battery is almost dead, and 2 seconds later just shuts off. Like, if I play a game during my commute, this can happen within an hour of a full charge. It doesn't visably go down to 30% and start conserving energy, or give me 10 minutes like it used to, just literally 10-30 seconds tops.

If it was just one of the batteries, I'd say it was the battery itself, but it seems that the OS is not draining properly. I downloaded a different battery app than the one that came with the nokia, and it doesn't say anything different.. just somewhere between 60-50%, it just crashes. Thankfully I always have the second battery, but if I'm on a longer trip, I can't last more than 2 hours without plugging in, if I play any games, music, or heavy emailing/facebooking/cnn reading.

Any ideas? Anyone have a similar problem and had it fixed? I really love how the windows OS looks and moves, and I'll be broken hearted when my 22 months is up and I have to switch back to a droid, but between this and the lack of apps being made, i'm getting pretty tired of this windows phone.

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