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Question about cancelling an account...


My father recently passed away. He was/is the account holder for the cellphone plan that includes my phone. I've seen at least one post from a Verizon employee stating that I am able to cancel his contract early without early termination fees (provided I have something like a copy of a death certificate, which I do).


Question 1 - is this true?


Question 2 - If I cancel a contract in this manner, is there anything that stops me from signing a  new contract with Verizon? I like the service, but the plan is too expensive the way it is now and I would choose one that costs much less for just me.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Question about cancelling an account...

Verizon Employee

Greetings illustrious. I too am very sorry for your loss. I want to thank the community for assisting you with this concern. I can also help! If you have not yet gotten his matter resolved, please send me a personal message through the forum. I will need to have your full name, your father's full name, and one of the mobile numbers on the account. Thanks again!