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Getting less for more $$



Today is the first day of our new "Loyalty" calling plan after about 12 years of an older plan where we shared minutes on flip style phones.

Our new current plan allows unlimited text and voice with 2gb data per phone.  I was very disappointed to discover that the "Loyalty" plan does not allow me to use the Hotspot feature that Verizon offers and which is also built into my new smartphone.  My goal when changing to smart phones and data plans was that I could use my smart phone as an access point for my laptop on an as needed basis.

After speaking with customer support I was told that I could change to a 2gb "shared" plan for our phones and get the hot spot feature.  After doing the math we would get less for more just to get access to the hot spot "feature".  How does that make sense?

As I was quoted...

Loyalty plan that we currently have...

No Hot Spot feature

2 gb data for each phone = 4gb total

unlimited text and voice

cost: $60/phone = $120 per month + taxes.

2gb Shared Plan

Get Hot Spot feature

2 gb data shared between 2 phones

unlimited text and voice

cost: approx. $131/month + taxes (this includes an employee discount of 15%)

My complaint is that we feel we should get the hot spot feature included in our loyalty plan in order to maximize our potential to get all the bandwidth we are paying for.

If we were to change to the 2gb shared, we are getting half the bandwidth and paying more just to use the hot spot feature.

I am hoping Verizon will revisit the Loyalty plan structure to serve TRUE loyalty to your customers.

It just does not make sense that a loyal customer should pay more for less and that a built in feature of the phone to ensure customer gets their money's worth is not available.

Disappointed with the transition and options for full data bandwidth access.



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