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warranty claims


Does anyone know if you have a warranty claim on an older phone that is still under contract, what do they replace it with?

I am having issues with my razor heating up when used for an extended time. 

Has anyone had the same problems, any suggestions??

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Re: warranty claims

Líder Sénior

"Warranty claim" - is this phone less than a year old?  If it's older than a year then it is no longer covered by warranty.  And your contract has nothing to do with the warranty.


If the phone is out of warranty, and you have no insurance on the phone, AND you are not eligible for an upgrade of any kind, then you can get an "out of warranty" replacement - same or equivalent phone if the same one is no longer available.  They get to pick the equivalent phone, though, and there's a $50 charge, I believe to do this. 


If you are eligible to upgrade, then you can pursue that option.  Or find a used phone from another source to use (a friend's unused one, ebay, craigslist, etc...)

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