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vz navigator new version trouble


I have an Omnia phone which is compatible with the new version of vz navigator. I have downloaded the new version and when I try to open it it tells me on the welcome page "cannot initialize, please close and try to reopen" or something like that.

I have called tech support and removed and reinstalled the program several times but get the same problem every time. If I go to the vz app zone on my phone and download the older version it works fine. Any one got suggestions????

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Re: vz navigator new version trouble


In this case, even though your phone is compatible with the newer version of the VZ navigator, the actual application may not be compatible with the system that your phone runs on. If your phone system is not updated to the newest version then this could be the reason why it will not work properly on your device or the same thing could go for if your system is updated to the most current version.

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Re: vz navigator new version trouble


I had the same issue -- my error messaage sounds as if it is identical to yours.  I resolved it.


Try this:


-Poke around in your phone Settings and Tools area -- and see if you have an item called "Location."


(On my phone, the Env3, I found this by accessing:


"Settings and Tools"

Then, "6. Phone Settings"

Then, "5. Location"

Then...   see if your "Location" is currently set to "E911 Only."  If it is, change this item so it is set as ""Location On."


Make sure you save, and try this again.


Again, not sure which phone you have, but tghis did the trick for mwe, and I had the same error message, which instructed me that I needed to try to "Exit the Navigator and Try it Again."




Side note -- by the way, I hate the new Navigator.  Hate, hate hate...


But, that is another matter.




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