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voicemail from blocked caller


A blocked pest caller is able to leave computer generated messages.  My Galaxy 4 doesn't ring, there's no record in the recent call list, but I get a notification about a new voicemail.  This fake voice warns of actions against me by the "local cops", and implores me to call immediately.  There were two of these just today (16 Mar 2018).  If the number this call came from is blocked why are these voicemails getting through?  Seems like my service provder isn't doing enough to protect it's customers from this vile scum.  I can find no help with this on your web support pages.

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Re: voicemail from blocked caller

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That is how the Samsung auto-reject feature functions if you had blocked callers within your device‘s menu settings, but if you block numbers in your MyVerizon account those callers will not route to your voicemail.

Remove a Block - Call & Message Blocking - My Verizon Website | Verizon Wireless

Re: voicemail from blocked caller

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Community Manager

I rely on my blocked list to prevent any unwanted calls or text, MICBAR23. Let's ensure you have the best block set up for your calls as well. We would recommend using the Call and Message block through your My Verizon account. This will ensure the callers are not able to leave a message. You can learn more about this feature and how to set it up here,


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