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verizon doesn't honor its word


I recently lost my job and was unable to pay my bill on time, so of course, Verizon suspended my service. No problem. I understood. So, I contacted Verizon via email (due to not having phone service)and asked to set up payment arrangements so that my service would not be permanently disconnected. I had started a new job and it would be a couple of weeks before my first check. I corresponded with a couple of financial services (or so I thought) and was given until May 29 to pay my past due balance and have my service restored. Yet yesterday, I received a final bill in the  mail for 2095.00 dollars. If Verizon wasn't going to give me the full amount of tiime they offered, why bother? I have worked very hard to make sure I saved the money to pay the bill on Friday, the 24th...5 days BEFORE the date I was given. And now this. Why not just say no from the beginning instead of making me think I would be able to keep my service.

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Re: verizon doesn't honor its word

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Over $2,000.00 final bill? either you have multiple early termination fees or someone screwed up that final bill.

In any case Verizon is a huge company, personally you should have called Financial Services 800-922-0204 to try and set up those payment arrangements but that is all moot now.

In your post what would have made a difference if they said NO we cannot help you and your service date is ??? and full payment is due then or you have to the 29th. to make full payment before account cancellation?

I know a loss of employment may not be your fault but on the day you ended working to keep your service you could have asked for an account suspension which maybe could have forestalled the account cancellation. But that is no longer a viable option.

Call them up and ask why the large final bill. That is a lot of money for one phone.

Even with an etf at highest end of $350+$150 is only $500 for the month. how you got charged more than that is a huge mystery.