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unresolved issue - verizon store committed fraud


After reviewing my invoice, I called Verizon on 11/9/14 regarding a new phone given to my son under the guise of the "Edge" plan - which started appearing on my bill for 24.99/month. It quickly came to light that a Verizon store in Maine gave my son a new phone and signed him up for the "Edge" plan without our authorization; thus committing fraud on our account. I would never have approved this if they called me which they should have - as he is unauthorized to make changes to my plan. I live 1,700 miles from Maine, so am unable to address this in person with the offending store.

When I spoke with the fraud department supervisor, he instructed me they would quickly credit my account for the fraudulent "Edge" charges, investigate the matter, then call me to discuss next steps. Of course, this never happened.

Now that the holidays have passed, I will be calling Verizon once again to resolve this issue.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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Re: unresolved issue - verizon store committed fraud

Sr. Member

Your son should not be able to make any changes on your account unless he is listed or knows your password.  Is he a Jr? They may have just ask for his name and said it and the password.  If your son ordered a phone without you approving it, would he be the one commiting freud?  He knows he is on the account and ordered it anyways.  I think you should go after him as well for freud or idenity theif (if he missrepersented himself).  Verizon was wrong for allowing it, but your son did it, so you shoud be mad at him also.