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terrible network coverage

i live in valparaiso indiana. and before i joined vz, i checked everyones coverage. and being a engineer in the wireless industry, i know vz's network in other locations as being good. so i decided to use their network. after having my moto x for a 2 weeks, i couldnt handle the static any longer. i called to complain, but missed my window to leave vz without a heafty fine. i recieve my first bill this sat, and for only being here a month, i am definitly a spokes person on how terrible they are. i should of known better. they took so so so long (keeping with their track record in the industry for it) to update the moto x software. and now i have been thru the support on line with a fine tooth comb, and of coarse you will find nothing to give you support for network. because they could never believe they could have a issue. when i checked the coverage map, it should of clicked in my head that coverage was bad. unlike all the other carriers who TRY to display their coverage, vz just blankets everything red. saying they have coverage. but they dont try to show any type of signal strengths. very misleading. i have checked thru my maps for their tower locations, etc and found that they are so far out of town, i m surprised i even have coverage. they are terrible.

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Re: terrible network coverage

I agree with this.  Verizon shows 4g LTE blanketing the area here in Columbus, OH, however I am consistently dropping 4g data while in these areas.  LTE is currently a joke as I usually only get somewhere between 1-3mbps download when I can pick it up.