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"Disconnected"when talking to two separate reps; did I get hung up on?!


I just talked to customer service for an hour, on three different phone calls.

First call I was transferred to three different people who each said that Verizon had dropped the ball and extended by upgrade date without a reason but that they couldn't do anything about it. I finally was being transferred to a supervisor when the call dropped. I waited to be called back... but I wasn't.

I called AGAIN and again explained my situation for the fourth time and asked to speak to a supervisor so that some adjustments could be made. While I was being transferred, my call was "dropped" again. I waited for them to call back, again... they didn't.

I called a third time and told the rep my situation, that I knew she couldn't make adjustments, that I'd been disconnected two different times and to please let me speak to a supervisor.. to which she said she wouldn't transfer me.

This chick finally fixed my issue but I didn't get an explanation as to why someone added 10 months to my upgrade date arbitrarily or why I wasn't called back.

I wasn't being mean or anything, so I'm pretty upset that I was disconnected two times while in my house where I always have great signal and have never dropped a call before. I can understand butterfingers one time, but twice? That feels shady. And seriously.. no call back after being hung up on AND no explanation for their mess up.

Anyone else had "disconnections" after calling with a complicated/involved issue?

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