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"Customer Loyalty" is a real kick in the teeth


Much to my dismay, I accepted a call from a VZW charlatan back in July when I was due for renewal.  Against my better judgment, I listened to her flim-flam, as she rattled off various programs with the prowess of a snake oil salesperson. I must have asked her 16 different ways to confirm what she was telling me:  unlimited talk/text & 2 GB data, along with the monthly payment for the Galaxy6S, would be $60.00.  Why, I asked, are there two receipts? (one for the contract, one for the phone) "It's just the way it has to be done, but as you can see, the phone payment is on the contract receipt as well, and everything is included with the $60.00." she assured me.  I'll hand it to her on this count, she hung in there with me each and every time I asked for clarification and assurance.  And those requests went on for at least 20 minutes.  Alas, now my bill has come in, and the $60.00 is for the plan only. The phone is extra.  And the recorded conversation is only retained for 30 days.

I am fit to be tied.  Someone at VZW is supposed to be looking into it now, though they can't get their correct email address to me. I am sure this is all for show, she has already made it pretty clear that the receipt is "accurate" and that it is clear that the charges are separate (and now due). 

This is post #1.  I need to get back to work in order to pay for my VZW plan.  When I'm done, I'll investigate every avenue there is to complain about this fraud, whether via the FCC or the state Consumer Protection Agency, or any other office with authority over the services. 

Customer Loyalty?  Seriously?  For shame.

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Re: "Customer Loyalty" is a real kick in the teeth

Asistencia al cliente


Let's restore the love. This is not the experience that we wanted for you when upgrading your phone.  I would also become upset if I received misleading information regarding an upgrade on my account.  Allow us a chance to review your account to help.  I will send you a private message to better assit you.

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Re: "Customer Loyalty" is a real kick in the teeth

Líder Sénior

Yep.  You have a service plan, sounds like a Loyalty plan if it is a flat $60+tax instead of a data plan PLUS a line access fee which would be more than $60.  And of course, if you are buying a new phone you have payments on that phone as well.  They are separate items as one is a contract for service and the other is an agreement for a device.