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poor signal since new tower put up


The subdivision I live in has had decent service for both voice and data quality until a new tower went up a couple of months ago.  This new tower is less than a half bird mile from my home and directly across the street from the subdivision.  It was placed in Cheatham Elementary School parking lot in Marietta.   Since the construction was completed service is horrible.  Doesn't matter if you are Sprint or Verizon, don't know about ATT but I assume the same with them.
None of the tower apps show the tower as in existence. 
How do you report such a problem to the vendors?
Doing historical searches for people who have similar problems, it seems nothing is ever resolved.  You end up being told you live too close to the tower or it is some other RF interference.

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Re: poor signal since new tower put up

Community Manager
Community Manager

We certainly want you to have the service that you deserve, keithwheeler.  The best method of getting this recified would be to have whomever is having problems to call into their carrier and have the network engineers take a look at the area. Chances are it can be fixed. The engineers just need to know about it.

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