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VERIZON wireless has a well deserved horrible reputation when it comes to customer service. The reps are clearly coached and trained, the scripts are well written, and vast majority speak good enough English. I stayed with this company for over 15 years, dreading every time I had to call them. Why did I stay? Because of the towers and cellular signal being better then AT&T or T-Mobile. We live in a rural state and the phone is only as good as a cellular connection it can get... My family has 6 lines and pays way over $4000 annually. But... We will not continue with Verizon because of the last customer service failure pushed us over the edge.

My Dad is 75 and he uses a "dumb" flip phone. He is going to Mexico for a short trip and I tried to get him another flip phone to use there. After over an hour on the phone with a rep he promised the phone would be shipped to them (they live in a different state). My parents would activate the phone, and ship it back to Verizon after they return to the US. 48 hours before the departure the phone arrived to MY house. I called Verizon. The rep apologized and promised to ship it over-night to the correct address. I even got a tracking number clearly indicating scheduled arrival AFTER my parents leave the country...

What sucks the most is the polite even friendly indifference from the people you talk to... I don't want to feel animosity or scream profanities to those answering the phone. I can't imagine a human being wanting to work like this... It must be the company that just cares of nothing but getting their payment. I am powerless to do anything but to vote with my dollars. I will transfer to another carrier may be Sprint. or Credo... As I pay off the inflated prices I had to accept for our iPhones, I will transfer them away line by line.


Re: paradox


I don't understand: why did your Dad need a different dumb flip phone to go to Mexico? You say that they would activate it, go to Mexico, and then return it to Verizon after coming home? Were you trying to borrow it from Verizon?

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Re: paradox


First, it seems you waited too long to get your dad a phone to work in Mexico. You can't blame VZW for poor planning. I don't see how this is their fault. When was he leaving and when did you call to get a phone he could use?

Second, if you think that the price you are paying for an iPhone is inflated, that's because it is. Apple sets the price and you shouldn't accept anything higher than what the prince in their store is. There are places like premium retailers that can charge an extra few dollars for it but you are the final decision maker and ultimately accepted the price you are paying.

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