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Need better bundle packages thinking of going to check out Att and sprint see if they could cut my bill atleast 60 % of my monthly

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Re: packages

Asistencia al cliente

Oh my, please say it ain't so Noih! We certainly don't want you to go anywhere. We would be more than happy to look over plan options with you. Which calling plan are you on?

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Re: packages

Líder Sénior

AT&T packages are not much different than Verizon. Certainly not 60% better. In fact, every time AT&T initiates a price drop, Verizon matches it.

Sprint prices are lower, but coverage is lower, too. Sprint SHOULD be 60% better because they have 60% LESS COVERAGE! For some, Sprint is a viable option. Just make sure you will have coverage where you NEED it. I have had Sprint, they did not have the coverage I required, I left. What good is paying LESS if you can't use your phone. I keep an eye out on ALL major providers each time I make a phone purchase. If another provider will give me the coverage I want at a lower price, I will certainly go with them.

If another provider gives me coverage which doesn't meet my needs at a lower price, that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me.Smiley Happy

Keep in mind, "bundle packages" aren't just price. "Price" and "coverage" are ALSO a bundle.