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overage charges

My nephew has a phone on my account.  In March, he installed drive so he could transfer all his documents, photos etc.  When he did this, he did not know that it was not on WiFi  and it took everything from his phone.  So in just 2 days, he used over 20gb. (I really dont even know how thats possible).  anyways we got charged $240 in overage charges. I called customer  service and the rep i spoke with said she spoke with her sup and they can refund that.  Especially seeing that in the past 18 months he has not used more than 5 gbs per month.  It was obviously  a mistake.   She asured me it would be taken care of.  So about 2 weeks later, i log into my account and see there is no credit.  I called customer service. Another sup got on the phone and said  im sorry but the previous rep gave you wrong info. And that Verizon can not credit any of it because the overage charges were verified.   She said she couldn't even give a discount or a little credit.   I'm pretty upset because she apparently didn't care what the other rep had told me.  Basically said to me...too bad, how would you like to pay.  (This is not the first time that verizon reps have given me different information. I have called verizon and have asked questions. Then call back to ask a different rep the SAME questioan and get a totally different answer.  I could do this all day.  Stores are the same way). 

This is not right.  So my newphew, who is a fulltime student, had to pay the $240 because i dont have the money to pay it.

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Re: overage charges
Líder Sénior

I see the correct resolution has been done in this case, the person who used the data paid $240 for it fair and square.  Not knowing something is not a reason to not be responsible.   Sorry, I do not see a problem, other than the first rep needs to review policies.