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lied to and hung up on for a simple upgrade


Wow! Worst customer service and a complete waste of time.  All i wanted to do was upgrade my phone. First guy hung up on me after 10 mins. He told me i was not an account manager on my account that my friend and I share. Which I knew I was, since I already had to call up there TWICE about that in previous months. He then told me no such thing existed and that I had to log into my friends account to upgrade my phone.  I had already tried that the night before and still couldn't upgrade my phone. Then click back to the main menu I went so I called back. Sat on hold finally talked to someone going through the security crap for the 9 millionth time already to be transferred to someone else who then tried to tell me that i had to buy a bundle package for my Galaxy which was fifty dollars to upgrade. WHAT!! Again wow. So i told him no I just knew that couldn't be right.  I called back talked to another guy who said he could help and guess what transferred. Remember this is all about an upgrade. HELLO IM TRYING to sign a new contract with you! I finally talked to a supervisor who took me through this long drawn out process to tell me at the end she couldnt process it either and she would transfer me to another lady who could.  Talking to this girl she acted like she had never heard of a Galaxy S4 it took her forever to even find the phone. At the point im completely over it i have been on the phone for hours at this point and for what a simple upgrade. She finally processed the upgrade and they still charged me for an upgrade fee ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That was awful and i could have talked to a banana peel and got better results than this.  I have been a Verizon customer for 5 years and never thought it would come to this crap.

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