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issue with customer service


My Name is Mohan [removed] and currently having issues with my cancelled line at Verizon.

On 4/17/2015 I called Verizon sales department to move from my existing carrier and apply for 2 new lines. I was helped by agent named - Reece, Ahamed k at Orangeburg NY -[removed]

I ordered 2 phones – one was Iphone 6 [removed] Order Location [removed] and other was Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge[removed] which was on preorder. As I recently moved at that time period I had a billing address of my old apartment and shipping address of my new building. But somehow the agent had my billing address and shipping address as same that to without any unit number.

After few days when I didn't received I-Phone 6 I called Verizon customer service to inquire about the status, I came to know the iphone -6 has already been delivered. After doing some investigation I came to know that it had shipped to my old/billing address and this was the time I came to know that agent who took my order mistakenly had my billing and shipping address same. Tracking # for Iphone 6 - FedEx [removed]

After all this confusion I went to my old address picked up the package went to a Verzion store where I was helped by Associate Manager named Miriam at Elmhurst, IL branch. I explained her the issue and she provided me with a return label, which I used to ship iphone back to Verizon. I also asked her to cancel my other order (Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge) which was still pending to be shipped due to back order. She suggested my to call Verizon Customer Service and asked them to cancel your preorder.

So on 05/06/2015 I called Verizon customer service and explained them the issue. I wanted to make sure I don't get charged for the Iphone 6 as it went beyond 14 days window to return the phone. I also asked Verizon customer service to cancel my preorder as I have decided not to move to Verizon and stay with my current carrier. The agent assured me that I have been taken care of as I won't be charged for Iphone 6 as it was delivered to a wrong address and also my preorder for 6 edge has been canceled.

After a few months I got a call from Verizon that I have a balance due to which I was in complete surprise. After talking to Customer Service I came to know the balance I owe is for Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. I tried to explain them that I have the preorder already cancelled and returned Iphone 6, which was delivered to a wrong address.

After Doing my own investigation I came to know that the Preorder was never cancelled and was shipped out on 14th May 8 days after I made request to cancel the preorder even after the 1st order went to wrong address it was shipped again to the same address. Fedex Tracking # [removed]

So I again I went to my old building and came to know that they have given the package back to FedEx as they know I no longer live there. I tried to explain this to customer service but they were least helpful and said they cannot do anything. I don't understand why they are not willing to accept their mistake as they failed to cancel the preorder. ( Also in the middle of all this my number got transferred to Verizon and I had to get it back to my network provider and no one neither customer service nor guys at Verizon store could tell why this happened)

Having no other alternative I went back to Verizon store and talked to Miriam at Elmhurst, IL branch again. She understood the issue and said the preorder should have been canceled as you already made a request. As per my conversation with her I came to know that the system created 2 accounts one for Iphone, which was created after I made the order and second for Samsung edge 6, which was created on May 14th after the phone was shipped. So when I called in to cancel my preorder there was no account available for Samsung edge 6 thus the agent put all the notes in Iphone 6 account for cancellation which caused preorder not to be canceled.  I was at veriaon store for 3 hours and Miriam at Verizon store was helping me to get this issue resolved and talked to customer service and Financial service but all in vain. Then she asked to follow up in a week, as she will help me to resolve this issue. After 3 weeks of her trying she said she couldn’t help me. This was a shocker to me. A Verizon employee who understands the issue and know I am not at fault failed to help a customer.

After this I have talked to Customer service about 10-15 times who have transferred me to different department or says I am at fault and never accepts that they failed to cancel the order. Moreover how can they ship the phone again when the first order went to an old/wrong address ? Secondly when I asked customer service agent to see the recording of when I made the order to check what address I gave or to see the recording for when I called in to cancel the order, all I hear is we don't have recording. So my question is - Is there a way where Verizon can prove I made the order and agent was not at fault?

Also I have talked to Financial services (who were rude to me as hell) and have always told me to pay or this will go to collections or talk to customer service and have them resolve this issue.

Recently my last option was to call Fraud Department. But they said they couldn't help me out. I cannot tell you how much I have gone through in the last 4 months. From going to Verizon store numerous times (who understand the issue and know I am not at fault), talking to Customer Service for hours, talking to financial and fraud department. And then getting threatening calls from Financial Service for giving my account to collections.

If this thing is not resolved I would have no other option than going to small court and file a complaint for bad customer service I got, plus the stress and harassment I have been going through for last 4 months for something that should have been taken care off. I know I am not at fault and won't pay a dime for something I cannot be accountable for. I hope this issue is resolved as I don't know where and whom I should reach to.


Mohan [removed]

Personal information removed as required by Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.


Verizon Moderator

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