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inability to listen, and over talking when speaking with support

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i asked a simple question 16 times in painful details about a wireless charger, and was told there's no FAN built into the BRAND NEW WIRELESS CHARGER FAST CHARGING.then in the 11th person..a supervisor agreed. all that for one answer. OMG/INSANE. thats besides issue of can i leave on stand overnight. Finally, i could as long as off for fast charging on device,i figured out. manual says fan on it. next phones warm w fast charge. no brainer. any others been through this. no one seems to care, or has intellect to do so. my bp got up to 170 dealing w this. sad part...this.....charger is supported and sold as well with verizon, and no one cared to simply look at it to admit it had a fan. i wont risk melting phone down, because no support on this. it's a  shame and pain.Smiley Mad

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