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iPhone trade in scam?


I sent my iPhone 4S in after purchasing the iPhone 6.  It was appraised for $200.  Great condition, has always been in a case.  When I checked yesterday, I saw I'm being given $0.  Reasons...  There was a crack in the side (not true), the lock code was not disabled (also not true, the phone was wiped clean), and I said it was an 8GB when it was actually a 16GB....  Last I checked that would be a PRO not a CON.  Finally got through to someone last night and after discussing my frustration, I asked for my phone back.  She said "due to terms and conditions we won't return the phone".  So Verizon says my phone is worth nothing, but they want to keep it.  Sounds like a scam to me.  My issue is being "escalated".  I wonder how many other people have been given BS reasons for not getting paid for their phone.  I should have sold it on eBay and  I will never buy a phone from Verizon again.

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