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how do you speak with an actual manager and not just a floor supervisor?


I'm so unbelievably angry right now.  I am out on a medical leave dealing with a lung cancer diagnosis.  I called Verizon 8/5 to explain the situation and set up a payment plan because my disability payments will not start to come in until the end of Sept.   Apparently the folks at verizon are perfect and have never made a mistake.  When we set up the payment plan I knew I would not be able to pay off the balance until the end of this month.  We set it up that I made a couple $50 payments in Aug, another last week and then $100 on the 18th and the balance by the end of the month.  I made the payments as I understood the plan.  Today my phone was shut off.  I was told that I was suppose to pay $100 last week and the balance by the 18th.  I explained the situation again and that I wouldn't have agreed to that plan because I wouldn't be able to make that payment last week.  They then informed me that I needed to make and $80 payment today to get my phone turned back on.   I explained again that I couldn't do that and that we had an arrangement in place to have it all taken care of by the end of September.  I was now speaking to the Floor supervisor.  She said there was nothing anyone could do because I broke my payment agreement.   I asked if she could give me a couple days to figure out how to come up with the extra money.  She said "NO and that she could be asking for the entire balance.  She refused to acknowledge that anyone there could have made a mistake.  I asked if I could get her the $50 that they claim I am delinquent ( the difference between the $50 payment I made and the $100 payment they wanted)  She said "no"  " The only way to get service turned back on was to pay them the $80.  I asked to speak to her manager. She said managers do not deal with accounts.  I asked if I should give my oncology team her phone number if they needed to speak to me until I can get the additional payments made.  Her response was that she can only deal with my verizon account and she is sorry if I don't like the options she is giving me.  I asked "what options?" and she told me I could give her the $80 or not.    I again asked to speak to her manager and she refused. 

So basically... I called and set up a payment plan.... because I am on a medical leave and have no income for another couple weeks.... there was a miscommunication in one direction of another..... of the two people that may have made the error I am the only one could possibly be at fault... instead of working with me to figure things out I was told to pay them more money that the claim I originally promised and I am now without service until I can come up with the money I told them I couldn't come up with in the first place.....

I asked if verizon offered medical deferments and was told no.

I asked if they could give me the weekend to try and get something else worked out and was told no

I asked if I could pay them the difference in the agreements I made and they recorded and was told no.

I asked to speak to someone that could help and was told no.

I am currently without phone service and have no way to communicate with my oncology team, respiratory care team or family because no one at verizon could possibly have made the error....

¿Alguna sugerencia?

and yes... Im switching to anyone else as so as possible

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Re: how do you speak with an actual manager and not just a floor supervisor?


I am sorry to hear this story. Your phone will still work for 911 emergency calls. I know it isn't exaclty what you need but it is something.

The best you should do is dial 611 from your phone and ask to speak to someone in financial services. They may be the best to help you at this point.