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double charged and nothing has been done.

This company can [removed]. I have been 'the best part of verizon for 8 years'  They charge me the incorrect amount. Its caught 30 min later.  Now, 13 days later, i am still waiting for my money. I am overdrawn, bouncing checks to other bills, and they still have no idea when they will reimburse me.  Really? how [removed] hard is it? You took 2 minutes to take my money.  Now, when I call corrospondence, they are closed. GO FIGURE.  Story is below of how this all started.  I have contacted my bank, BBB, Rip Off Report, Yelp, and Small claims court is next.  I have a big mouth and am happy to voice my opinion.

First Email

On June 11th I called in to order my daughter an
I pad mini. I could not do it online because my monthly payment had not posted
yet, therefore I had to call.  I spoke with someone named Shawn.  We
did the order, got the typical upsells, and at the final billing part, he asked
if I wanted it on my bill or to pay.  At first I was going to do it on my
bill, then asked Cameron if I can do half on my bill, half on my credit/debit
card. He said yes.  So, I gave him my cc number for the $190+/-, and he
ran it. He stated it declined.  We tried again, and he said he entered the
incorrect number the first time, and the second transaction was fine.
Sent me email confirmation after we disconnected the call.

About 20 minutes later my cell and work phone are blowing up
from the Fraud Management department.  My card had been detected with
fraud, and they had to go over the transactions with me.  All were
approved charges except the last one, a $391.18 charge from Verizon.  I
was obviously charged for the entire purchase and my bank froze my card because
they saw to separate Verizon charges a few hours apart.

So I think no big deal, easy mistake, I will call and get it
handled.  WRONG.  I spent over 2.5 hours with different agents,
transferring me different places, blind transfers, some who received my
transfer, and would not leak me tell the story before they just transferred me
back to a different department that did the original transfer, etc.  Asked
for a manger numerous times, then I get good ole Matty.  He was a
‘manager’ so I am advised at the beginning of the conversation, only to find
out at the end, he infact was not.  Regardless, everyone I spoke to except
the last two, were rude, inconsiderate, and unhelpful.  2.5 hours of
different people telling me different things.  All I wanted was the
charges revered from my card, at least the amount that I did not

Instead, the order, her only present has now been cancelled
for her birthday today, and best of all, the charges are still on my bank
account, in which means I cannot use my card to pay for her party that is
tonight.  I am a single mom, not your problem, but I need every bit of the
money I work so hard for, available.  Your company made the mistake, not
me, not my daughter, your company! Yet we are all penalized.  All I am
told is, we are sorry, shit happens, but ‘thanks for being the best part of
Verizon for the last 7 years.'  Really?  Is this how you treat the
'best part of Verizon for 7 years?'  What a joke.

I work for a company who would NEVER treat clients like
this.  It is completely unprofessional and uncalled for.  Once my
contracts are up, I am done.  I use to tell everyone how wonderful the
customer service was with you guys, and it seems to me you have brought the
FIOS reps over, who just ignore the needs and don’t know what they are
doing.  Sad.

2do. correo electrónico

Thanks for the reply. I will not be calling anyone however.
I spent all of thrusday, Friday, and Saturday morning talking with you
customer service .  I wasted time calling you guys, getting the run
around, lied to,  when I should have been planning and enjoying my
daughters birthday.  I requested my money back, Thursday and was told I
would see it Friday, then Saturday, and I think it finally hit my account on
Tuesday.  A mistake by your company, I now have bounced check fee’s, and
almost missed throwing my daughter her birthday.I
spoke to Vinny, Heather, Matty, Amy, Duane, Jessica from Greenville, who has
the worse customer service skills EVER.  Finally Angela on Saturday helped
me understand a little more, and understood my issues.  There are a few
names not mention in which I forgot to write down.

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