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contacts say "history" when texting instead of mobile, home, etc


I have a droid incredible 2. I imported my contacts from my old droid and synced them with my emails as well. BUT, when I go to text, the contact lists under each name (ie: John Smith) says "history" next to each number instead of "mobile", "home", "fax", etc. so I never know what number to choose when trying to text someone. There must be a way to list the contacts more specifically. I have tried by going into each contact and making sure that the numbers are properly listed, htey all. What else can I do? Many many thanks!!

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Re: contacts say "history" when texting instead of mobile, home, etc

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Hi, eisabelmac-

Good morning!

I would like the opportunity to help with your contacts. What android device did you have previously? What method of sync did you use? There are several options, including Backup Assistant, Google, Corp Sync, SD card, etc. What has happened to the contacts on your phone is not typical. I recommend reviewing the contacts at the source of sync (i.e. if you are using Google/Gmail) to see each contact detail. It may require something as simple as removing the contacts from your phone and performing a re-sync to the device. Let me know more information so I and the community can assist further.

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