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bill - Spoke with a rep last week - still waiting


I spoke with someone on chat last week.  My husband found a better deal with sprint and wants to switch.  I like verizon and want to stay.  The Verizon rep said they were going to adjust my bill and match the sprint offer to keep me as a customer. 

Sprint is offering $650.00 per line to buy out the phone payment plan and then is unlimited phone, data, text $50/line one and zero for line 2-5 for the first six months, then $50/first line and $20.00 for line 2-5. 

Since I've been a customer for almost two decades the rep said they would email me when the special approval went through but promised me it would be soon- he said they would match the offer, and give me $650/line towards each phone's payoff and change the plan cost to match the sprint offer. 

Three days goes by and no one calls or emails me.

I follow up on chat again... this rep says he can reduce my bill if I pay off my phones in full... Yeah buddy I know this, but that''s not what the last rep said...

Now I've been waiting over a week and a half, and now my BILL is overdue because I"M STILL WAITING... AND NOW I CAN'T EVEN CHAT WITH THEM. 

I just want what the original rep said, the payoff of the phone and the matched plan rate, as promised.   If the Verizon rep messed up and offered me something he shouldn't have, that is not my problem, VERIZON should honor what their rep quotes me.

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Re: bill - Spoke with a rep last week - still waiting

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Verizon does not due straight up price matching.  The may have a plan that is cheaper than your current plan but will no do a straight price match.  If sprint works better in your area then take the deal.  However their bills go up after time,  your phones are rented, and make sure they are telling all the fees they charge up front.

Re: bill - Spoke with a rep last week - still waiting

Community Manager
Community Manager

ERIBER71, we understand the importance of making sure you get what is owed to you when promised. I just sent you a private message so we can find a solution to this together, please respond back in the private message, thanks.


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Re: bill - Spoke with a rep last week - still waiting


You won't get a price match from Verizon. You will get guidance to a lower price plan but you should know EXACTLY what you're getting before switching plans. Why don't you post here what plan you're on with Verizon and what plan you expect to get with Sprint and we can try to point you in the right direction.

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