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Can any one tell me why my back up assistance wet to **bleep**? says i keep entering the wrong pin but i havent changed it. and i have tried everything to get it to work resets calling verizon and error reports out the **bleep** to back up assistance. someone out there nows how to help and it would be awesome if you could.

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Re: back up assistance

Empleado de Verizon

I would be happy to assist with your backup assistant PIN.

I would like to ask if you have been able to log in to My Verizon-Back Up Assistant


Once you are there, in the upper right hand corne, you will see View PIN. Is it showing your correct PIN that you have been entering?


Also, something to consider is this; have you recently changed phones? Possibly with a phone that someone else was using at some point? If so, you will need to delete/cancel the previous user's backup assistant subscription in order for it to work with your PIN.


If you need the steps on how to do this, let me know the type of phone you have. 


Delete BackUp Assistant-Basic Phone

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