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Worst Experience for Me and the Rep

It is super annoying to call Customer Service and ask to disconnect then the rep beg and plead to keep you BUT now a supervisor gets on the line too. Do you not train your reps enough to do their job that now you degrade them and they are REQUIRED to put a "member of management" on the line (words of the rep)? I felt bad for the rep because she offered me everything but your logo then she was probably scorned because I still needed to disconnect the line. The supervisor was just as nice. She tried so hard to keep me as well. I wanted to scream " ITS NOT YOU JUST DISCONNECT THE LINE." Your prices are too expensive. So maybe the CEO should change the prices vs. belittling the frontline rep with having their manager get on the phone. Then the nerve that a survey came after this sad call. I gave them both a 10 because they tried so hard to keep me but I got to do what I got to do. I kept 2 lines but I really want to take all of them after this experience. I am a customer service rep for a well known company and I felt the rep's pain and embarrassment. Training your employees and have faith that you trained them right in order to save an annoyed customer 20 minutes on a call and a rep feeling like a child.

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