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Worst Customer Service EVER


I recently just moved to a major metropolitan city in North New Jersey which has a bad cell spot.  I called Verizon "customer service" and explained my problem and they agree that there is a service issue in the area and I could get out of my contract and loose my warranty money or pay them $175 for a booster.

Are you kidding me?  They want me to pay for their crappy service.

The manager I spoke to said they would credit me a month of service since I am unable to use my phone.  They never did. 

After 5 calls and promises stating they would credit my account they won't.

Verizon customer service sucks and will never use them once my contract is up.  I also told my company who has Verizon to switch their corporate plan and they are going to after all of the complaints my co-workers have as well.

I hope Verizon goes under.

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