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Wireless network extender and 4g phones


My wife and I have upgraded to 4G phones, and now we have problems with our wireless network extender,

We will drop calls within 4 feet of the extender now.

FWIW she has a Droid RAZR, returned a Samsung Galaxy S3 because of dropped calls with the extender and I have a HTC 8X.

So it appears that if 3 different vendors have the same problem it is not the phones.

We never had problems with our 3G phones.

When I returned her Galaxy S3, the Verizon rep said their database showed an incompatibility with the S3 and the extender.

I found that humorous since they were both made by Samsung.

¿Alguna idea?

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Re: Wireless network extender and 4g phones

No corresponde

I have and S3 and when the NE is working, have no problems.  I double checked by dialing #48 and I am under network extender coverage.  I use the NE to make calls and text.  I also have 4G LTE which is used for mms and data.  But, unfortunately the NE hasn't worked since 3/10/13.  Fast flashing red light on System and Solid steady Magenta on GPS.  Luckily, (knocking on wood) I can still make calls and not having any dropped calls.   I like having the NE just in case. 

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Re: Wireless network extender and 4g phones

Community Manager
Community Manager

Nemetoad, I agree that if 3 different phone manufacturers are having this issue that it appears to be an issue with the extender and not the devices. Are all of your lights blue on the extender? Dial #48 while in the house to see if you are connected to the extender. This will give you a message letting you know whether you're connected to the extender or not. If everything appears okay with the connection, and still dropping calls, we may need to submit a trouble ticket to our network team. We have a technical support team that handles network extenders extensively. Have you contacted our technical support at 800-922-0204 previously about this issue?

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