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Sugerencias y trucos del servicio móvil


Skip Over Voicemail Greeting

Sometimes, you want to leave a quick voice message without listening to the sometimes long "I'm not available at this time" greeting. When calling Verizon Wireless customers, simply press the * key to go right to leaving your message (you will hear a short beep first).


Note: This prompt is not available in all areas.

¿Cómo actualizo mi equipo?

Puedes actualizar tu teléfono móvil por internet a través de Mi Cuenta.


  • Log in to MyVerizon (New users will need to register first)
  • Go to Quick Links and select Upgrade to a New Phone
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions and select Continue
  • Select the MTN you would like to upgrade and select Show Upgrade Discounts
  • Select the Device by Add to Cart option
  • If you need to do a price plan change, change the price plan or select Continue to proceed to features
  • Add the desired features and Continue
  • Choose Accessories and Continue to Checkout
  • Review order info and select Submit Changes
  • Confirm the order info, select a Shipping Method and Continue to Checkout
  • Enter Billing Information and Shipping information and Continue
  • Select Payment Method, Agree to Terms and Conditions and Continue
  • Enviar
Nota: El precio puede variar de acuerdo a la fecha en que has recibido por última vez un descuento en equipos nuevos. To see if you are eligible for the New Every Two discount and eligibility date, log in to My Verizon and select the Go tab in "My Services" to view.

Managing Voicemail Messages

Mientras escuchas un mensaje, oprime:


 1 = Retroceder  6 = Más rápido 
 1 twice =  Rewind to beginning of message 7 = Borrar mensaje
 2 = Pausa  9 = Guardar mensaje 
 3 = Adelantar  * = Cancelar/Salir 
 3 twice = Fast Forward to end of message  0 = Ayuda 
 4 = Más lento  # = Terminar/Saltar
 5 = Información del sobre (fecha/hora de envío del mensaje)  


Luego de escuchar un mensaje, oprime:


 6 = Transferir**  9 = Guardar
 7 = Borrar 0 = Ayuda
 8 = Responder** 


**Transferir/Responder solo funciona con otros suscriptos al buzón de voz de Verizon Wireless dentro de tu propia área.

Send Text Messages Without Your Phone

If you are out of the country, cell phone battery has died, or your phone simply isn't available - you can still send text messages to other Verizon Wireless customers using one of two methods (Standard Charges Apply):


  • The Web: Click over to and enter the phone number of Verizon Wireless you wish to text.  As an added benefit, Verizon Wireless customers who log into vText may send text messages to members of their Address Book, send Group Text Message and use Quick Text (pre-configured text messages).
  • Via Email: Using your favorite email program (Outlook, Yahoo, etc.), you can text any Verizon Wireless phone by using [Phone Number] as the recipients' address. Note: If you send an email greater than 160 characters, your message will automatically broken up into 160 character messages - which could be overwhelming to your recipient.

Checking Information Directly from Handset

As a Verizon Wireless customer, you can retrieve information about your current billing and usage status directly from your handset. Estos son algunos ejemplos:


#BAL (# 225)+SEND

Check your Balance

#MIN (# 646)+SEND

Check the number of minutes used

#PMT (# 768)+SEND

Provides payment history and current balance

#DATA (# 3282)+SEND

Check your Data Usage

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

  1. Dialing *228 then pressing 1 reprograms your phone.
  2. Dialing *228 then pressing 2 will update your towers, thus helping with reception.
  3. The default lock code for your phone, if you have never changed it, is the last four digits of your phone number.

These tips and tricks, along with many others, can be found at Verizon Wireless' Support site.

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