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Wireless Connection for Tablet


I am looking to purchase a tablet mainly for internet use and good audio quality without using headphones for audiobooks.  My question is which tablet is best for this and also how do I use my verizon usb modem (I use it on my MAC but also would like to use the same connection on a tablet) on the tablet?

Does anyone have a recommendation that will fit the bill?  Right now I have the 3g modem that is working.  Also have a 4g modem (or whatever you call it

as I am probably the most illiterate tech person when it comes to wireless and internet and connecting) but Verizon sent me the wrong disk so I haven't had the time to take care of this screw up on their part.  They sent the disk for Windows and not MAC so I couldn't install the 4g cause I have MAC>

Anyways, I look forward to any help as to which tablet you think would best suit my needs.  Could I use the 4g on a tablet and keep the 3g on my MAC? Would that require me to purchase another verizon wireless plan?

Thanks so much as I am totally "Dazed and Confused" about what to do!!! Smiley Sad

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